With a mission to providing excellent value-added ICT services and cutting-edge networking solutions, Cyberspace has been able to distinguish itself as a complete software and network solution provider in the industry with its state of the art and world class internet protocol (IP) infrastructure. Cyberspace is reputed for being the first to build a world class converged IP network that supports applications based on the 3 hierarchical models in Nigeria

Case Study


Customers faced challenges due to network downtime, leading to a 15% loss of additional bank deposits for the Bank at the point-of-sale terminals. This issue adversely affected electronic payment transactions between Cyberspace merchants. Poor network connectivity is probably the biggest challenge to the accessibility and acceptance of POS in Nigeria.


Genyz roaming SIMs solved this challenge by giving the Cyberspace point-of-sale Terminals the power to roam on the best local network providers in that locality across the country.


With this solution, Genyz roaming SIMs brought about the reduction in downtime to the barest minimum; Not only did Genyz Roaming SIMs bring about connectivity solution but also recovered the 15% loss for the bank.


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