Case Study


Our customer is a major Bank who operates POS devices in Nigeria. These machines are often in remote locations with complex internet connectivity problems. POS devices require an “always-on’’ connection to the internet, providing a secure link to the Bank’s main computer servers. The POS needs to be secure and able to process transactions 365 days a year.


The bank reached out to us with a number of connectivity challenges:

  • Some regions across the country face challenges with unreliable internet connectivity when relying on a single local sim.
  • The strength of the local network can vary significantly at different times, causing frustration and disruptions.
  • Frequent connectivity issues result in downtime, leading to revenue losses for banks.
  • Banks incur unnecessary expenses by deploying field officers to replace SIM cards for merchants, impacting cost-effectiveness.
  • Bank relies on a single local sim which becomes a Single Point of Failure
  • There is no visibility regarding data usage, making it challenging to monitor and manage data consumption effectively.
  • The absence of remote access for diagnosing connectivity problems further complicates issue resolution.


  • With our IoT SIMs, which are designed to automatically switch between the strongest available networks, the bank enjoyed a 99% uptime rate.
  • With our IoT SIMs, the automatic network switching capability ensured that their devices stayed connected to the strongest network at all times.
  • By utilizing our IoT SIMs, they were able to significantly reduce connectivity downtime, leading to minimal revenue loss.
  • Our monthly performance reports provide insights into data usage patterns, allowing the banks to identify high-performing merchants.
  • Our monthly report also empowered banks to make informed decisions, improving their ability to manage data consumption effectively and boost merchant performance.
  • With our remote diagnosis platform, banks can remotely test for connectivity issues without the need to send field officers. This solution enhances the efficiency of issue resolution and reduces operational costs.


Our client now enjoys a 99.5% uptime across all of their M2M SIMs and devices.
Over 1,000 POS devices are now connected to the solution, enjoying the security of ‘always-on’ and personnel at the Head Office able to monitor every connection simply and efficiently via the Cisco-Jasper platform. The bank now enjoys 8 Billion Naira in profits annually by switching from local SIMs to our IoT Roaming SIMS

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