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Genyz Solutions is the leading provider of roaming SIM services. Our experience in successful partnerships with firms in major industries means that we understand the challenges you face in your business and deliver products and services to aid you in reaching your objectives. Genyz roaming SIM cards are designed specifically to solve connectivity issues on POS Terminals, Smart meters, Routers, kiosk, etc. We provide your devices with world-class-designed global roaming SIM services, an advanced SIM management portal, and a dedicated 24/7 support team. Genyz roaming SIM is the smart choice to simplify the deployment and management of roaming SIMs or your devices.

With our experienced and ambitious team at Genyz Solutions, you can be rest assured to get all necessary technical and commercial support from onboarding, deployment, and management.
Our IoT device monitoring platform keeps everyone in your team on the same page to help you succeed in growing your business.

Why Genyz Roaming SIM?

Our roaming SIM card solves all your connectivity problems, and our Control Centre Platform provides remote monitoring and diagnosis of SIM card issues. Our service is:

  • Designed for Data services only.
  • Inherently more secure with APN security
  • Remote diagnostics, Control and Monitoring
  • Business/Operation support tailored for Data service.

We Ensure your Devices are Connected Wherever they are

We provide our customers with a unique solution to their connectivity issues and ensure their devices are up and running on the best available network in their location at every point in time. Our Roaming SIM card switches either manually (by scanning and choosing your preferred available Network) or automatically by enabling it depending on you device.

The Global SIM cards use a technology called “GSM roaming” to switch between network providers. GSM stands for “Global System for Mobile Communications,” and it’s the most widely used standard for mobile networks around the world. When a global SIM card is connected to a GSM network, it uses a technology called “SIM Toolkit” to communicate with the network and identify available roaming partners.

In addition to our Roaming Sim Service, we have various key value added services such as monthly reports with includes all your devices and their usage which you can use to make key business decisions, we also have 24/7 Technical support, our team is always on standby to help with any issues you encounter, no matter the time and day.

What’s in it for you?

  • Access to the best available network, anywhere 24/7.
  • Fixed IP addresses .
  • A dedicated business manager and technical support personnel
  • No monthly services charges – just data cost
  • Licence free Access to our jasper Iot platform for your team to monitor your devices.
  • All Genyz M2M Sims come with best-in-class multi-layer security, {VPN, APN}
  • Avoid unexpected cost on data consumption with Genyz data cap feature and excess usage alert system.
  • Maintain an accurate data base of information linked to SIM serials and real time local support including site visits in Lagos.
  • Eliminate foreign exchange risks by making payments in Naira for the duration of the contract
  • SIM cards delivered to your office in Lagos – no need to worry about DHL and customs or delivery cost.
  • We will reduce the cost significantly when you reach 5,000 and again at 10,000 SIMs.
  • Guaranteed uptime 99.9% and enjoy a monthly rolling contract with auto top up.
  • Enjoy 24/7customer support via modern communication means, a dedicated business manager and technical lead for your account.

Who are our Customers?

At Genyz, we proudly serve a diverse clientele across various industries.
Our customers include large enterprises, logistics and transportation companies, healthcare providers, utilities, retailers, automotive firms, and financial institutions.
They all trust us to provide reliable multi-network SIM solutions that ensure uninterrupted connectivity for their specific needs.

Our Clients and Partners

Our Clients and Partners

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