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Our Roaming SIMs are Machine-to-Machine SIMs for the direct exchange of information between two devices. This communication can be done over a wired or wireless communication channel but without human intervention.

M2M SIM cards allow you to exchange information between devices and sensors or “objects”. This tool requires an interactive protocol that you can use to send and receive data. Similar to a standard SIM card for mobile phones, you can insert an M2M SIM into your device and configure it with your organization’s servers.

You can monitor your data from the server and manage all your SIMs through a portal.

Where Our SIMs can be used

Our M2M SIM’s technology allows two or more devices to communicate with each other without the need for a human operator, allowing a collection of machines to do complex tasks in a matter of seconds and can be used in different sectors

Financial Sector

Point of Sale [POS terminal]

Transportation & Logistics

Vehicles trackers, Real-time fleet management, and drones. 


Surveillance, Real time monitoring, Data accessibility

Energy Sector

Smart meters and smart grids


Automated machines, IoT sensors, and tracking devices. 


Sensors, wearable biosensors, and Smart thermometers.

Features of Genyz Roaming SIM Solution

Genyz Roaming SIM is for businesses where reliable mobile network connectivity is critical. When deploying connected devices at scale, managing reliability, costs and risks can be tough. Genyz Roaming SIM is built for reliable data connectivity. Ideal for IoT, M2M, data devices, employee connectivity or online learning deployments.

Real time status monitoring

PCI DSS Certified solution

Real time transaction monitoring

Multiple telecoms operator

Secure and dedicated private APN

Durable under extreme temperatures and movements

Select telecoms operator based on network strength

Flexibility to share data between devices.

24 X 7 Customer support

Happy Clients

So far we have helped
Genyz roaming sims are perfect and we do not have complains about their network coverage. The support team is always on ground to assist when issues are raised.…”

Roaming SIM security

Everything connected to public space is vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks, and IoT devices are even more vulnerable. The security of your M2M SIM card depends on your provider. VPNs and APNs are two important ways to protect your IoT network.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks)

A VPN protects your device’s data and connections from external access over the Internet. The most secure VPN is IPsec available on the appropriate management platform. If the IoT device is using IPsec VPN, it indicates that all connected devices are trusted, and the data sent is secure. In addition, all shared information is encrypted and protected from threats.


4G and LTE are available to multiple network operators in all regions of the world. Our Genyz IoT SIM card allows you to easily switch between 4G networks, so you always receive the best signal anywhere in the world.

Our SIMs arrive between 3 to 6 working days to Lagos, Nigeria. The rest of the Africa is between 5 to 10 working days.

Yes, you can always change the plan and services available for your SIM, even after activation. Our pricing, service and coverage options always remain flexible.

Yes, every Genyz SIM includes all the features to ensure you are set up for success. So, no matter what service you choose – support, platform, Real-time – everything is included.

No, the SIM Cards are pre-registered to your Genyz account and ready to configure when you receive your account details. Our SIMs are ready to use when they arrive and activate themselves when you start using them.

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